Eco-Friendly Fashion...I really like corduroys, dress pants, and other kinds of pants that would normally be seen on a 70 year old.

Personally, my sense of style and how I wanna express myself changes on a day to day basis. If I wake up feeling bad, I might wanna put no effort into something, and just toss on black sweatpants and a black hoodie. On the other side, if I wake up feeling great, I'll find my favorite pair of pants, a flash shirt, and a jacket, and always have some kind of color coordination between them.
It sounds dumb, but I
really love my t shirts, and think they are my favorite part of any clothes I own.
There is something that I really love about having a shirt that is well designed, and not produced in large quantities, as it makes my clothes and outfits feel more important than any other day to day task. Like a lot of kids my age, I also love to go to the thrift shop to find clothes, as it provides that value often times.
When I go into the thrift store and end up finding a t shirt that looks cooler than something that could be found in a designer store, and it only costs $3, that's one of the best feelings for me. It is fun to draw from all over the place for outfits, and create something that feels singular to me.
As for pants, I really like corduroys, dress pants, and other kinds of pants that would normally be seen on a 70 year old. I find mixing my new shirts with old looking pants provides a contrast that I like. As for accessories, I really like watches, but I usually go for calmer digital ones like Casio rather
than a designer watch.
This is also because its easier to read the time if I am being fully honest.
I also wear glasses, which I like to use as another kind of accessory.
A pair of glasses is only around $15 on the internet now, so when I get a new prescription I will usually buy 2 or more pairs so I have options on a day to day basis. My favorite frame, and go to for wearing day to day as of right now, is the tortise shell browline glasses. I also really like clear frames, as they are more subtle than most frames, but still provide a nice look.
I do not really wear hats a ton, but if I am going to it will be a more plain one rather than something with a huge logo. Also, living in the cold of Chicago, it is important to make sure I have coats, jackets, and sweatshirts that I like and can be incorporated into an outfit. My favorite jacket I have is a black corduroy button up one, as it is not too heavy, but goes great with most of my pants. Since it is not too heavy, it works in the fall and the winter, and I can just put a sweatshirt under depending on the temperature. I also have a good amount of sweatshirts, most of which being similar to the shirts in quality. I try to find sweatshirts that look nice with some kind of design, but are also relatively plain and work well in an outfit.

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