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Footballers: Get the Look

In our opinion, footballers have it pretty good. They get to spend every day playing sports, earn a ton of money doing it, and we bet the parties they go to are pretty awesome as well. It sounds like the dream life. 


As if that weren’t enough, they also seem to have nailed the hair game both on and off the pitch. There have been some absolute shockers (we probably don’t need to remind you of Beckham’s mohawk back in 2000, but we will anyway because it’s iconic), but over the past couple of years the styles we’ve been seeing have been pretty impressive.


So, we thought it was about time we take our favourites and give you the low down on how you can get the look. Get your styling products at the ready and check out these killer haircuts.


Gareth Bale and the Top Knot

Gareth Bale’s top knot has become as legendary as the man himself, and it’s pretty practical for sports, too. If this is the kind of style you think you’d suit, get ready to grow your hair out! It needs to be fairly long to go up in that bun - we’d say about shoulder length. You can then tie it up, using a little of our Easy Hold Styling Gel to smooth down the hair and keep it all in place.


Antoine Griezman and the Headband

Channel the laid-back surfer in you with Antoine Griezman’s style. His long, kind of messy hair looks pretty easy to take care of, and he usually just holds it back with a headband. If you’re really committed to this style, get your hair bleached with just a little root left in, as is Griezman’s signature look.


Sergio Ramos and the Short Back and Sides

Sharp and smart, Sergio Ramos’ hair is definitely a look we want, and luckily for must of us lazy lads it’s not actually too hard to pull off. The short back and sides are on-trend right now, making this style an instant hit, and the longer length on top just needs a little Easy Hold Styling Gel to push it to the side in a I-didn’t-even-try kind of look. Just get yourself a barber who knows how to give a clean edge and you’re covered.


Ederson Moraes

When he’s not in goal, we can’t help but think Moraes spends a lot of time working on his hair. With a cut that sharp, surely he’s in the barbers every other day?! Either way, his flawless fade means this style definitely makes our list, and the sharp parting adds something a little different. Finish your version of the look with some Style and Shape Putty, giving your hair moveable shape and extra volume.


To always look as sharp as these footie boys, head over to our full range of men’s grooming supplies, making looking that good so much easier.



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