Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: A Necessary Inconvenience

By Sam, 21, Fort Collins, Colorado 

Before my senior year of college, I imagined what the following nine months would entail. I pictured hanging out and relaxing with friends, going to my university’s sporting and campus wide events, finding a fulfilling job for after I graduate, and academically finishing off my year strong. I planned to commemorate my time at school by walking across the graduation stage and receiving my diploma.

I would have never guessed that my time at school would be cut short, and that the graduation ceremony that I was looking forward to could be moved online. At first, when I learned the news of cancelations, stay at home orders, and the list goes on, I selfishly was very frustrated. I kept thinking “this is my senior year of college, and I will never get this time back.” But as I reflect more, I realize that by staying at home and limiting my interaction with others, I can help millions of people get extra time with their families, millions of people experience the joys that college has brought me, and indirectly impact millions of lives. At this point, I view this situation as a necessary inconvenience that will help many people continue to live their lives.

While I understand the importance of the many cancelations, I still feel a sense of uncertainty for my future and how COVID-19 will impact my transition to the working world. I was fortunate enough to receive a job offer for after I graduate. I am worried that there will be a ripple effect to my industry, and the job I was planning on starting will no longer be waiting for me. I also wonder about many of my relationships. The last time I saw many of my friends, I expected to see them again the following week. Now there is a chance that I many not see many of them for years.

But during this time I have had the opportunity to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while via video chat. I have been able to enhance my video game abilities (maybe too much video game time) and get to spend quality time with my family. While this situation has caused a major shift in my life, I am confident that eventually everything will return to normal, and we will be thankful for the actions we took.

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