Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: A Generation of Creators

By Sean, 17, Chicago, Illinois 

With the newfound “normal” I have found myself in, not leaving the house at all, and rarely seeing people other than my family in person, I have found ways to not only entertain myself, but try to find new skills, or practice upon my current ones. I have been watching a lot of movies, so far during the quarantine I’ve watched around 40. I try to look into them more than just movies, but also try to think about how they’re written, filmed, and generally made because it interests me. Of course, I have also had school to worry about, but with that being a lot easier, it gives me more time to do things I like.

Right now, I’m feeling good about my life. It’s easy to get myself down with all the things going on around me, but I’ve still been working on making myself a better person every day, whether it be physically or mentally. The state of the world, although is a different feeling entirely. It’s honestly really easy to get down on humans in general, with the smaller amount of people who feel they have to express their rights by not following the lockdown, and protest the efforts to stop a deathly worldwide issue. On the bright side though, whenever I think of those people, I try to also think of the amazing people in essential jobs who are doing their best to keep the world moving forward after this pandemic. I especially try to think of all the people who work in the medical field and are risking their wellbeing every day to help others out of kindness and generosity.

I think this will change my future by showing me to appreciate things that I normally took for granted. I didn’t even realize how great seeing my friends and family was, and how lucky I am to have them. I also think it will affect how I think about school, and how hard I need to study to learn more to catch up, as well as prepare me for the future.

I think that Gen Z will hopefully be a generation full of creators due to this pandemic. It is giving a lot of our generation opportunities to have more time, which I hope will result in people making things. I think more creativity is always welcome in the world, and will benefit us. Hopefully it will be a modern revolution for the arts, and things like cinema, music, art, books and other sources of creativity.

I also think that Gen Z and the rest of the world will realize how to be cleaner and safer. When we think back on it, we will realize that there was a lot of unnecessary germ transferring and unclean habits that can’t keep happening after this. I think we will also be a lot cleaner in general, washing our hands and bodies more, as well as taking care of sickness immediately when it comes upon us. I think the whole world will realize this too, and we will all come together to hopefully make it a better place



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