Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: A Time for Growth and Opportunity

By Kendall, 20, Hamilton, New Jersey 
The thought never once crossed my mind that I would live through a life threatening pandemic. The quarantine has definitely been challenging and monotonous, but I have been doing my best to find a way to still have some fun. On week days, I tackle whatever school work I have as well as my at home workouts I do for soccer. Besides these normal daily tasks, I have been trying new things. I have been cooking/baking new dishes, tie dying clothes, following a regimented skin care routine, and practicing lots of yoga. These are just a few ways that I have tried to keep my days interesting and give myself something to look forward to.
I am feeling a mix of emotions about my current state of living.
Initially, when I found out that I was not going back to my school, Fordham University, I thought this was the worst thing in the world. The spring is the best time of year when all of the festivities and celebrations take place; therefore, I was so sad to think that my friends and I would be missing all of this. Now, I am feeling a bit different. Although it is not the ideal situation to be stuck at home, I can see this time as a chance for growth and opportunity. These restrictions force me to be creative which will only make me better. In terms of the rest of the world, I hope people are staying safe and healthy by following the precautionary measures that authorities and medical professionals are enforcing. It is important that we work together, so that we can beat Covid19 as soon as possible.
I think this pandemic will most likely change our future. It will probably change/update health and safety protocols, so that we are better prepared and equipped to handle pandemics like this in the future. Regarding my life, I have not been informed of the future plans for soccer and school, but I do not doubt that things will be different. I am not saying this in necessarily a bad way, I just think new methods for living and sports competitions will be introduced in order to better the safety of students and players.
For my generation, I think this will bring a new found appreciation for many things. Since my generation has not experienced something like this at an age that we will remember for the rest of our lives, I think that we will learn to appreciate life more. The coronavirus has shown me how fast life can change and that I need to be grateful for all that I have. I believe that my generation will recognize this and learn not to take life and the people in our lives for granted.
This pandemic has the chance to change the world. I think and I hope that our world realizes that we have to become more united in order to tackle obstacles such as this one. I hope that my generation will start caring more about providing equitable health care to all. This crisis has taught us that when we do not look out for each other and work together, things only get worse.


I’m looking forward to our 2020-21 season. Go Rams!!!

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