Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Anxiety, What Ifs and What Will Be

By Alexandra, 20, Duxbury, Massachusetts 

In the world today, life is normally a constant go-go-go and you rarely find a time to sit with your thoughts and mind. During this time, I have been attempting to take advantage of this newfound time by being at home with my family for what could be the last time for this duration and bettering my own physical and mental health. At school, I was a full time student and had several jobs and I struggled with putting aside points during the day to work-out or journal or listen to podcasts or watch (plenty) of Netflix and I know from experience I had underlying anxiety. While this anxiety has not been removed and has actually heightened recently, I now have more time to focus on it and ideally improve my lifestyle in the long run.

I recently started therapy again, which was a strangely new experience being virtual. It is difficult to think about the “what ifs” and “what will be” because no one knows the answers. I was supposed to be studying abroad in Paris until May but that was unfortunately interrupted. While I am disappointed by that, I am grateful to have finally left the U.S. for the first time and see six beautiful countries around Europe. Now with the future as I said it is hard to grasp. I hopefully will still spend the summer in Washington, D.C. and finish up my final semester of college at George Washington University in the fall.

Beyond that, I have never really had an exact plan but ideally would pursue a Marketing internship that could ultimately lead into a full time position as I also enjoy my senior year. Our generation specifically has been greatly impacted more than some think. This time of our lives has so many special memories, with my brother graduating high school for example and us desperately holding onto our youthful moments before we “grow up”.

In terms of the world, I hope and believe that this was very eye-opening to all. No one even considered it reaching the scale it has and I think being surrounded by electronics, busy schedules, and other things sometimes makes us take moments and people for granted. I know with myself I don’t always take advantage of the beach or walks with my mom or spending time with friends and having all of that paused has made it even more special and grateful. 

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