Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Concern for the Future

By George, 18, London, UK

Currently in lockdown I’m spending most of my time on online school, watching Netflix and going out once a day. I’ve been spending time with my dogs and in the countryside which I am fortunate for as it hasn’t differed from what it would’ve done before the lockdown. However, for me there has been quite a sudden change in environment from boarding school and I am finding the online schooling not very useful as I’m able to mainly work from a textbook. 

As a result of the lockdown and the sudden halt in the economy I think there will be negative outcomes, as a result of the recession which will follow after the lockdown ends. Furthermore, travel will be very limited at least until the end of the year and I think it will take a while to return to what it was. Certainly I believe that immigration will decrease; despite the fact this was already going to happen in Britain due to Brexit, other countries will also be affected.

Moreover, countries will look to become more self-reliant so in future situations that are similar to this can be avoided or not affect them as harshly. This will mainly come from the fact that many countries rely on China for essential raw material such as plastic and steel. Oil prices have also been affected and in-fact the price has gone negative in America due to the lack of demand for the good, this again is massively impacting the economy. Overall, this will have a huge impact on our generation by deceasing the capacity of jobs as major firms will be looking towards automation so these firms will still be able to primarily function without employees.

A silver lining in this pandemic is the environment. The environment is recovering due to a decrease in use of factories and cars. This will hopefully benefit us in the future if the environment continues to recover.

As of now I’m not panicking in regards with the virus. However, it is essential for people to stay inside in order for the lockdown to end sooner which would therefore soften the blow on the economy in the future. I am concerned for the future and eager to get back to school.

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