Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Learn to Appreciate the Little Things

By Juliana, 22, Manahawkin, New Jersey

Being a graduating senior at Fordham University, life in quarantine right now has helped me learn a lot about myself. I'm normally an extrovert, and love being around people all the time. Isolation has taught me that I actually value my alone time a lot more than I thought. When I'm not participating in online classes, I'm working out a lot (this isn't anything new,) walking my dog, and doing a lot of renovation projects around my house and my yard. I'm also staying at my shorehouse so I've discovered how much I enjoy going for long drives near the beach. Spending more time with my family has also taught me a lot about patience!!

I obviously feel sad about missing out on senior events, graduation, and the preparation for coming to terms with the end of my college years. However, I've had a rough couple of years and me and my family have struggled a lot, so I feel that I have a good perspective on the situation. Some things suck, but there's people suffering from more serious things because of coronavirus as opposed to just missing graduation. I'm nervous about the economic effects because of this, which makes me excited to start my job in July. 

I think my generation will be more adventurous because of this. I don't think we'll be irresponsible in spending or that we'll set ourselves up for failure, but I think this has taught us that tomorrow isn't promised and nothing is guaranteed. If we want to travel we'll travel, if we have feelings for someone we'll tell them, if we want to start a business we'll go for it, and if we're not happy...we'll waste no time and make the changes to be happy! I think my generation will learn to appreciate the little things more; our family, our friends, and the simple joys in life. There will be less of a value on social media, appearances, and wasting energy on what other people think. 

Go Fordham Women's Soccer!

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