Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Our Decisions Have Consequences

By Mia, 20, Duxbury Massachusetts  

During this pandemic I am trying to stay focused on my school work, stay optimistic regarding the future, taking lots of lots of walks, and overall trying to recalibrate my mindset. I have had a lot of time to think about things that I am grateful for, on a simplistic level, and I have quickly been reminded how incredibly lucky I am. So much can be taken for granted. Especially amidst a pandemic, where nothing really feels guaranteed. Life has slowed down, and I have tried to soak in every moment of being at home.

It is scary, no doubt. But as I hinted at earlier, I am going to soon be a senior in college, and probably won’t ever get this time back at home. So, I am trying to be optimistic about that. I feel so blessed I have a loving family and a home in which I feel safe at. I am hopeful people will come together, and work together in order to get our lives back to at least a little bit of normal in the next couple of months. 

I am certainly hoping this will change my future for the better. I am really hoping this doesn’t affect my job searching in the future.  I am hopeful it will remind me to never take anything for granted, especially time. Absolutely nothing is guaranteed, and I think it is easy to get in an attitude of assumption regarding having more time with people. Never pass up an opportunity to tell someone you care about how much you love them. 

I am thinking, and hoping, this will get our generation more involved in politics and the state of our world. We cannot be blind to it, because yes, it affects our individual worlds too.

Our decisions have consequences. I really hope this creates momentum for our generation to pay attention to problems such as climate change and other grave issues our society and world are facing, and going to have to directly confront in the near future.  


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