Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Ready to Take Risks

By John, 18, Duxbury, Massachusetts 

After being forced to live through this crazy crisis, I have come to find a new appreciation for the world and the time I have to live on it. In the first couple weeks, when this seemed like a meek problem, I didn’t think twice about the people I would miss seeing and interacting with daily. I also definitely did not expect to be so sad about not returning to school. I think back to the mornings I groaned as I woke up for school and regret them. However, I also think about all the teachers and classmates I’ve met over the past 10 years I’ve lived in my small town and feel extra grateful.

I am very upset about the possibility of not having a traditional graduation, a moment that every high school senior looks forward to. But what I do know for sure is that there are still many things to count my blessings for.  I think this pandemic has opened my eyes to be more thankful everyday for the little things we do not appreciate.

During these weeks, I’ve been staying in contact with my friends mostly by playing video games. Most of this time is not actually playing the game, but just sitting and talking to my friends who I haven’t seen in weeks. I never knew how much of my happiness came from the amazing friends I surround myself with, until I could not see them everyday.

I also have been enjoying the outdoors whenever I can. I open my shades eagerly every morning hoping to see the sun shining. Being outside in the sun helps me relax and release stress.

Lastly, I find myself thinking of random crafts/projects to do everyday. Quarantine has really shown me my true creative potential. If there’s one thing I think that generation Z people will learn from this scary time, it will be to not take anything in life for granted. I think when everything goes back to normal generation Z, they will no longer feel content with sitting on their butt or passing up an opportunity. They will take this experience and learn to live in the moment.

Most people won’t plan for the future, won’t focus on the past, but rather live their best lives in the moment. I think during this time we have learned how to make our days fun and not boring and repetitive. I feel as if generation z people will come out of quarantine more creative and willing to take risks in life. I think quarantine has definitely changed our world, and at this moment, it seems as if it is for the worse. But, eventually, as it shows the change it brings to this planet, we will be thankful. We will remember those who we lost during this tragedy, and use them as our inspiration to appreciate every moment and every connection in hopes that we can live our lives to the fullest. 


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