Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: The Power of Community

By Serena, 17, Duxbury, Massachusetts 

I spend most of my time completing my online school work, taking walks with my family and dog, running, and drawing. I am feeling discouraged obviously because of how many people are dying and how many people are not abiding by the rules of quarantine, but I am also inspired. I am inspired by frontline workers, doctors, nurses, deliverymen, etc. How they go out each day and risk their lives for the wellbeing of others. They truly are heroes are finally being regarded as such. Communities are coming together (not physically of course) in support of these people by making signs, masks, and donations. People are doing everything in their power to help out. The amount of comradery is inspirational to me, and honestly, something that I can say I have not really witnessed or experienced before in my lifetime. I also think that it is beneficial to look at the bright side of things. For example, the exponential decrease in the pollution that has occurred during this time that people have been staying inside. If all you do is focus on the negatives, you will definitely not be happy. 

I think that this will have a huge impact on my life as well as the future of healthcare. This will change my future because it will cause me to be more conscientious of the healthy habits that it takes to keep myself and others safe and healthy. I will always remember the year 2020 and how everything that I knew about my simple and carefree life had changed. I think that this will also impact my future because I am set to graduate high school in 2021 which means that I will most likely not have to submit my standardized test scores to colleges. This will most likely change how the whole entire admissions process will look for me. I think that as a generation Gen Z will band together and those who are interested in being in the healthcare professions, as well as politicians and other occupations such as these, will make sure that our future America will be fully equipped and ready to deal with anything similar to this that may come our way in the future.  

I think that it will change the issues that worry about as a generation because we have the first-hand experience of what it is like to experience an epidemic without being fully prepared. We will learn from what we have done, and our mistakes and apply them to how we react and respond to similar crises in the future. I think that if any generation can do it we can because of the extensive knowledge and experience that has made us determined to not see history repeat itself. 

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