Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Time to Work on Yourself

By William, 17, London, UK

In the current time we are living in, people can be worried, nervous or even fearful for the future. However, as a seventeen year old in the modern age, there is no better time than to get ahead and use the free time we have to get ahead in life. This could be by learning a new skill, language, instrument, or simply work for your exams. Personally, I’m determined to work on myself as a character, by training physically and mentally, by going on runs and training in the gym, as well as starting a new project online, curating some photos and inspirational pieces from all magazines we have in the house stacked up over time, and carefully placing them together to me a 1 by 1 meter collage piece. Both these processes takes months or even years, and I’ve finally been motivated enough to start myself. In my opinion, if one comes out of the quarantine period exactly the same as they were before, they have failed themselves, and wasted their time. It’s the perfect opportunity to work on yourself, and make change, as normally, there frankly isn’t enough time.

COVID-19 will change our future in so many ways, it’ll be hard to predict what is even going to happen. Not even the governments know what’ll happen, there are professionals stating that ¼ of the world will contract the virus in one way or another, and others who say it’ll be gone by the summer of 2020, and life will be back to normal. However, I don’t think life will go back to normal, I think that the virus has changed our generation, everyone I have come into contact with (virtually of course) is a lot more concerned over politics, their health and well-being. It takes something as big as the virus to change people. In the modern day, people are so stubborn, and everyone believes that they know best, I think after the rate of new cases slows down people will be more aware of what others are telling them, and listen to those who know best, for the first time.

However, if you look at other outbreaks, such as (during my lifetime) Swine flu, SARS and Ebola. It doesn’t actually look like the world did change much after these tragedy’s, but I really hope, for the sake of everyone, that people can look at the positive side of the quarantine and learn something new, or something about themselves, and not be inconsiderate and meet up with friends all afternoon and waste their day watching Netflix!

Here is a photo from my run the day I wrote this! The selfie is from a challenge that circulated on instagram, the ‘5 challenge’, where one takes a selfie while running 5 kilometres, who then nominated 5 people to do the same, and then finish off by donating £5 to the NHS!

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