Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Video Games All Night

By Karan, 15, London, UK 

Personally, my routine has dramatically changed due to the lockdown and lack of exams to study for. My sleep schedule sees me asleep by 2:30am and awake by 12:30pm. Upon waking up, I lie in bed until 1pm and then venture downstairs for breakfast. Lunch is at 4pm and dinner is now at 8pm for me. In between these meals, I tend to sit on my bed, watch TV and eat everything I can find. In addition to this, I also workout every day. Another thing that I do during the day, which I know every other boy is doing, is play video games with mates until ungodly hours of the morning.

 At this point in time, I feel like my life is confusing along with everyone else in year 11 and year 13 as the exams we have been working towards basically since we started school have been cancelled. Basically, everyone feels lost at this point because our lives were completely based around study schedules and homework and everything else and now our grades are to be decided by our teachers. Additionally, being inside 24/7 is boring, there is no other way of putting it other than boring. This is solely because it is repetitive and nothing new ever really comes along. Honestly, I never thought the world would go into complete and utter panic as we are right now.

I do not think this will change my future too drastically as I think that, personally, my GCSE grades will be good enough for my future. However for people who didn’t perform well in the mocks and were planning to perform well in the final exam, I think it will be difficult in the future because you can’t just blame your lack of effort on the virus. I think, once we beat this, the world will go into a massive economic depression that will take a long time to recover from but if something like this were to ever happen again, the world would be more equipped and ready to fight it.


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