Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Work to Get the Right People in Office

By Max, 19, Cleveland, Ohio

Currently, I am spending a lot of time adjusting to the new "norm."  With classes online and a steep learning curve with this, I have been working on watching lectures and doing homework with much of my time.  However, aside from school, I am also taking this opportunity to go for hikes, spend time with my family, and read books that I've been wanting to for a long time. 

With more free time, I have found that I have the opportunity to pursue new passions and revive old ones.  For example, I used to love reading, but once I entered school and got busy with balancing school work and a social life, it fell further down my priority list.  I have been spending this quarantine trying to read more, and I am really enjoying it! 

In general terms, this lockdown has been extremely impactful of my life.  I have been feeling a bit down as it has been difficult still trying to connect with friends and maintain my daily routine while being away from school.  In addition, the world seems completely different, so there really is no escape.  With everything shut down and governments in nearly every nation handling the pandemic in different ways, I find it scary that there could be so many asymptomatic people out and about in foreign countries that could possibly continue to contaminate so many others. 

In the future, I think that this pandemic will definitely change that the way that everyone -- but especially Gen Z -- will communicate and work.  With lifestyle already being important to Gen Z, I feel that there will be more emphasis on remote meetings and working from home.  As I am a business major, I see a lot of possible changes for myself.  Rather than traveling for work and sitting in traffic, I see a lot more virtual meetings and interactions for my future self. 

In a broader sense of how it will impact me and the rest of my generation, I think that healthcare will definitely be a major issue in the future.  With a healthcare system buckling under the worldwide pandemic, I find that this will likely be an even more controversial topic for not only my generation but also myself in the future.  In addition, I think that my generation will definitely put more emphasis on public policy and government leadership.  With so many states have different policies in place and a national government that has made many mistakes, I believe that Gen Z will work to have the right people to make the right decisions in office.

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