The Endgame of Skincare

By Billie, 25

The Superheroes are back with an almighty bang! Get excited because unlike them we won’t take three hours to tell you the stories of the hero ingredients in our skincare range.

(In case you haven’t seen the latest Avengers film yet we’ve made sure that just like our Marvel-ous skincare range there are absolutely no spoilers in here!)

31stState products pack a punch as strong as a Hulk smash, from our delightful Foaming Face Wash to our impressive Spot Control Gel.

We’ve loaded our Foaming Face Wash with a heroic dose of essential, safe ingredients:

  • Zinc and its anti-inflammatory properties will dominate against any acne it meets, as well as ward off any potential eruptions.
  • Copper acts as a hydrant, keeping your face moisturised. You’ll be Loki looking like a God.
  • Magnesium is the miracle mineral that keeps skin supple and prevents breakouts, keeping you confident.
  • Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial properties which have been proven to protect you from the inside and out. This sweet revelation will have all the ladies buzzing around you.
  • Tea Tree soothes even the most angry and irritated skin, working for up to 12 hours after application. This gentle but effective wash will keep skin looking fresh and feeling Thor-nomenal.

A flare up of spots can make us feel under the weather. Here at 31st State we created a cruelty and allergen free vegan product. Spot Control Gel brings the sunshine back to your skin! Spot Control Gel is dermatologically tested which means we test on the skin it was made for: teenage boys. This superstar wash bag essential contains:

  • Tea Tree to soothe and calm the skin. Someone should have recommended it to Bruce Banner! Tea Tree is the ingredient you want to win the war against acne; its use can even prevent or reduce acne scars!
  • Witch Hazel shrinks pores, being perfect for sensitive skin in an urban environment.
  • Magnesium, Zinc and Copper work together to put the breaks on any spots that want to try bring you down. Your skin is safe on our watch.

Taking the time to be kind to yourself should be easy, and that’s why we created our 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash. The subtle, crisp Pacific air fragrance will keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day. This easy, breezy wash is suitable for all skin and hair types so it’s perfect for everyday use.

  • Silverand Zinc work as a hero duo that boast anti-bacterial properties as well as being natural disinfectants.

It’s not (Doctor) Strange to want your hair to be the stuff of legends and with our 31stState Style and Shape Hair Putty that’s exactly what you’ll get! We produced putty that gives definition, texture with clean, subtle matte finish. The Putty is is cruelty and allergen free, suitable for suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  The light fragrance won’t upset your skin, so take a generous amount between your palms and work it into either dry or damp hair, then style it as usual. Or unusual, who are we to tell you what to do.

  • Tamanu Oil controls greasiness
  • Shea Butter will keep that lovely head of hair looking thick and healthy.

Using natural Hero Ingredients like these means that we are confident that the product you’re getting is the best for you and our planet.  No bad guys, whatsoever.






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