The Importance of Choice

By Jamie, 16 

31st State and The H. Club Foundation recently partnered in a competition which aimed to support local creative talent in London. The H. Club Foundation was set up by the Hospital Club with the aim to partner young creative talent with mentors from creative fields in order to nurture and showcase their talent. The prize for the winners was a paid internship at 31st State.

The brief was focused on the idea of “What choices have made you who you are?” and the competitors were tasked with exploring the idea of Choice and what implications come with the choices we make. The competitors were given six weeks in teams to create a moving picture which was centred around the brief. They were partnered with mentors in creative fields who helped teach necessary skills in order to enable the competitors to showcase their talent.

All the teams produced compelling creations, ranging from interviews to short, visual stories, all of which displayed the importance of choice for the modern person and the idea that choices can be hard to make.

The winning creation, by Billie, Tanyo and Samia, touches on what it means to be a man and the change in the perception of masculinity. It features a thought provoking spoken word poem along with striking visuals filmed at Southbank skatepark.

 The competition was tough, and we would like to thank all involved, all the creations were thought provoking and really brought the brief to life. Congratulations to Billie, Tanyo and Samia, we look forward to having you!

You can watch their great video here- 










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