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The Story Behind our Skin, Body and Hair Products

When her teenage sons started having skin problems, Stephanie Capuano did what all mothers do, she googled ‘teenage skin care.’ After some disappointing results she reached out to other parents for advice and it turned out her friends were just as lost as she was.

After searching endlessly both on the high street and with premium options, Stephanie was frustrated that there was genuinely nothing that she thought was good enough without all the harsh chemicals found in leading brands, and that her boys would actually want to use. She wanted natural products; they just wanted them to work, and to be cool, of course!

Inspired by what it felt like growing up in California (the 31st State), Stephanie created a brand devoted to teenage boys in all their smelly glory, which feels more current for Gen Z and is inspired by the idea of simple, effortless, California clean. The 31st State is a place but also a way of doing things – a geography and a philosophy in one. A philosophy wherein we all ‘untry harder’.

Stephanie Capuano is an active supporter of the Clean Beauty movement and often speaks at conferences on clean beauty, Gen Z and teen-related issues.