When her teenage sons started having skin problems, Stephanie Capuano did what moms do, she googled ‘teenage skin care.’  After some disappointing results she asked her friends for advice and it turned out they were just as lost as she was. After searching endlessly in pharmacies and retailers in the UK and US, she was frustrated that there was genuinely nothing on the market that worked well enough for them, was stylish, aspirational and importantly, wasn’t elbow-deep in unnecessary chemicals. Inspired by what it felt like growing up in California (the 31st State), she created a brand devoted to boys in all their glory, which feels more current for Gen Z  and the next gen of teen boys,  and is inspired by the idea of simple, effortless, California clean. The 31st State is a place but also a way of doing things – a geography and a philosophy in one.  A philosophy wherein we all ‘untry harder’. 

Our Purpose

They might kill her for saying so publicly, but Stephanie  saw that her boys were struggling with adolescence as much as her daughter and yet no one was talking about it. The men’s grooming industry marketed to them as either an afterthought, or in an oversexualised and outdated way that reinforced negative male stereotypes. There seemed to be no room for celebrating all that was amazing about this generation of boys. Rather than trying to create a brand and market it to them from the viewpoint of a mom in her forties, she engaged with them to create a brand FOR and BY Gen Z. From inception she employed teens and young adults who have been involved with product and fragrance development, branding, naming, marketing and content creation. What started as a focus group of teen boys  in London to help inform her before the team lifted a beaker, has grown into a global Gen Z network of teens and young people, managed and edited by a member of Gen Z.

During the 2020/21 Covid19 pandemic, 31st State’s Gen Z Trendspotters gained attention of media and futures agencies who were inspired by their blogs about life as teens during quarantine.


We live and die for our kids but what's the point if the planet they inhabit is under threat? Our children and the planet’s well-being is at the forefront of what we do. Sustainability is a part of every decision we make and are continually updating our sustainability measures as data grows. We believe that safety, great design and a superior user experience can co-exist with sustainability.  We choose ingredients that aren’t harmful to our son’s bodies or the planet they live on.  With our UK-based team of chemists, 31st State manufactures according to the European Union Standards, banning over 1300+ toxins.  Just like the state of California, the 31st State brand is committed to being a leader in the cleaner beauty movement by adhering to  the most meaningful ingredient and product standards.

Sustainability efforts have been our priority from day one.  

+Our packaging is fully recyclable, BPA-free, and better for the environment.   

+31st State  works with suppliers that use responsibly-sourced materials. 

We are a brand in its infancy and constantly learning and leaning on other like minded clean beauty product visionaries.   Determined to be part of the change, 31st State’s goal is to consistently pave a path to more conscious consumerism with GenZ leading the charge.