31st State is Making its Mark

Made for teen guys, used by young men and nicked by girlfriends who love it, too. 31st State's California-inspired natural skin, hair and body products are making waves.

Here's just a selection of the many product and brand reviews from the media, mothers, teens and guys of all ages.

'Developed specifically for Gen Z guys just as they enter the grooming market, 31st State is a tight edit of vegan essentials for skin, hair and body — just enough choice and convenience for the guy who can't be bothered with an elaborate daily routine and whose needs are well, basic.'
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'Sweaty, acne-prone adolescent boys are largely ignored by the beauty, grooming and wellness industries. It’s the teenage girl who normally gets all the attention from brands and marketers, while any boy in need of a hair, skin or grooming fix is left to root around for products geared toward grown men, or women.'
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'If you recently caught your teenage brother sneaking a peek at the products on your vanity, it’s time to gift him his own routine. This regimen is stress-free, and results-driven.
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'31st State is a vegan skincare brand geared towards Gen Z guys who have limited options to choose from and don’t want to waste any longer than necessary in the shower. Developed specifically for teenage skin, the allergen-free formula makes it suitable for all skin types.' 

Independent - Read the full review

'The male population has been given a helping hand to clean up their skincare routine with 31st State.
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'A Cleanser is a godsend, especially if you live in a heavily polluted area.' 
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‘Looking for an all-round winner this winter? Look no further, the new range from 31st State ticks all our grooming boxes.’
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’31st State products smell fresh, the packaging is cool enough for any guy’s bathroom shelf, and, we’re told by colleagues with teen sons, they work.’
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‘It’s Overnight Clearing Pads are a revelation, even for ladies. And importantly everything smells delicious.’
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‘31st State’s spot control gel is a godsend for calming those reluctant spots that just won’t disappear for love nor’ money’.
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‘Navigate the choppy waters of teenage skin with 31st State’s natural range for boys.’
Tatler - (print)

‘Of all the products, my son's hands down favourite is the Overnight Clearing Pads… he likes the option of having something quick and easy to use and the pads tick that box.’
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‘My teenage son has been trying out several 31st State products and he has been really impressed… His skin is looking a lot clearer and I am happy that he is using products which don’t contain any nasties.’
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‘Charlie is completely to addicted to the skincare from 31st State.’
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‘…the Spot Control Gel… is a little power tool to rid skin of spots and acne.’
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We love the fact that these products are vegan and not tested on animals, they are also free from any nasty ingredients that can irritate the skin. The packaging is fully recyclable and everything is made in the UK. What’s not to love about 31st State?
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