31st State Favorites

By Max Graham, 16

Of 31st State’s various products, it is certainly hard to narrow them down into my favorites. However, there are a few which are just perfect for certain situations, and hopefully this article can help you decide how to make the most of your 31st State set.

First, the Easy Hold Styling Gel is a must-have for any guy who leads an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a centre back who loves a header or a cross-country runner, the gel keeps your hair in place so you can look good whilst getting in shape. It’s easy to apply and holds hair in place in any conditions, making it an integral part of my collection.

The Spot Control Gel came as a bit of a blessing to me. As someone who has been known to get the odd spot, I can now feel confident with this magic gel in my washbag. So, if you struggle with spots, look no further than the Spot Control Gel, a natural and soothing method of controlling irritating zits, so you can live your life with the confidence of a man with a spot-free face.

Finally, the 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash is probably my favourite product of the lot. If you like an early morning shower, this refreshing, cleansing wash will leave you smelling good for the whole day ahead. For a post-gym shower, the fragrant aura will eradicate all traces of your gym BO, it really is perfect for any post-workout scenario.

Don’t just take my word for it – you can buy all of these products here on the 31st State website, so you can see for yourself how they work in action.

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