Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Challenge Yourself

By Minnie, 18, London, UK 

In a few weeks time I am supposed to be sitting 8 A level examinations. After 18 months of gruelling work and dedication leading to the satisfaction of gaining reasonable results, it seems as though I might well be deprived of such an outcome. I will not know whether the grades I may be awarded in July will be sufficient for entry to my chosen University course.

Accepting that we are all in this time of uncertainty and that all applicants wish to attain the best possible grades it is also the case that teachers want to give their pupils the best possible grades. However since one cannot change decisions there seems little point in worrying about that aspect now. Better to finish my coursework and /or take up a new hobby or skill.

It may be advantageous not having to take examinations although the crippling effects on the 'Summer' break activities is not a pleasant prospect. The cancellation of my proposed 3 week exploration to Bali will be a bitter blow!

However, after a short period of sulking and feeling some anger with my circumstances and participation in Houseparty and Zumba activities, I came to realise that was not the only person being adversely affected. Furthermore I am in good health for which I should be grateful and mindful of the number who are suffering and dying as I write this passage.

So what are we to do in such circumstances? I have taken to making Tik Tok videos, making bread and clothes! Keep the brain ticking over, do daily work-outs, involve yourself in domestic activities like cleaning and ironing. Work in the garden if you have one! Bear in mind you are being supported by those whose livelihood is in danger. Help with the cooking and spice up the daily routine by offering a rich choice of 'foreign' cuisine! Challenge yourself whilst bringing some enjoyment to others!

No matter the circumstance keep the mind active and try something new! Who knows when this will end and how long lockdown may last? Stay positive and spare a thought for those in the front line who are caring for those who have had the misfortune to be struck by Covid19. Stay safe x

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