Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: COVID-19 Has Altered My Lens

By Tanyo, 21, London

19/03/2020 16:43

We haven’t gone anywhere. Only we are looking at things from different perspectives.

23/03/2020 02:20

I napped earlier so I wasn't feeling tired. Did some history research and now I’m on the last episode of BBC's Noughts and Crosses. I COULD watch the last episode, but the class webinar begins at 10:00 this morning, if the teacher updates by then. I will “hit the hay”. A friend said that before and funnily, today it was my saving grace. I’m grateful. I’m thinking about who could be life-long friends from university. It’s exciting to think about.

09:26 First day of online class. My teacher is yet to update with a new revised plan, so I want to join the Monday group for another class and get ahead.

I got up early for class and followed my usual morning rituals. No breakfast yet. Class begins at 10:00 but I’m early and the session has been posted online already. 

Although I knew what to expect from webinars, I was still shocked to hear my teachers voice alongside the PowerPoint. This is the new norm, strange times… 

23/03/2020 10:03

Ironically, today’s online lesson is about Globalisation. Positives include an interconnected society. Actually, we’re more connected now than ever.

How will this impact my future in Fashion Sourcing, post pandemic? COVID-19 has altered my lens. I’m questioning what I have been working towards and how I’ll adapt. Thoughts on languages, trade and travel. I’m especially pleased that I made it to the local sourcing show before leaving London this afternoon. How quickly the coin has flipped from this morning; only then did I announce that I was “considering staying at home from next week". I heard friends are going home. The PM broadcasted live this afternoon.

Finally, people are acknowledging the situation, but we are slow to react and the level of seriousness varies across regions. 

People are nonchalant. If it weren’t for the news, you’d think it were a normal day which makes me feel unsettled. I’ve just left London. 

 24/03/2020 12:20

Waitrose is restricting the customer flow with a headcount. Somebody out: somebody in. Finally, some store is thinking! I remarked “stores ought to have taken these precautions about a week ago”. 

13:31 I just said “happy birthday” to my sister two metres away, from the car window. What on earth is happening. Quel dommage. We joked but were equally vigilant. Again, strange. 


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