Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Deeper Connections + Making Our Voices Heard

By Maura, 19, Chicago, Illinois 

I have been spending my time in quarantine thinking of creative ways to keep my mind active and engaged. Hobbies that I have always wanted to try but never had the time in my daily regime and schedule. I finally got around to reading the series I have been so eager to read, I have been exploring my creative side by painting and even experimenting with a little photography here and there. I have learned more about myself and what I truly enjoy doing with my free time, and hopefully I will implement these hobbies into my free time when everything is back to normal instead of just watching netflix when I’m free like I normally would have. This is also a time to reach out to the people closest to me to see how they’re doing which sparks deeper conversations and deeper connections. Not only have I learned more about myself, but I have learned more about my friends and family and they enjoy doing. 

At first I was pretty down in the dumps about the stay at home orders, as most people of course. But after all it is our new normal and after self-reflection I did start to see this time as an opportunity to better my mental health and learn more about myself in a deeper aspect. I think it will change my future, in particular, because my mental health will have improved and I will never take for granted the little things in life, like going out to a cute cafe for breakfast, or getting ice cream with my friends. I do believe that this will impact Generation Z in a positive way, pulling all of us closer together.

This time has made this generation reflect on what they miss and love most and so their time will be dedicated to what these things are after quarantine. There is not enough time in our lives to spend it on things we do not like or around people who we do not like, and this quarantine was a major eye opener for this realization. 

I believe that after this quarantine, Generation Z will come together and fight for what we believe in, politically and socially, to ensure that another pandemic is avoided at all costs. We do not want our kids to go through what we did in 2020 and coming together as a generation is the only way we can make our voices be heard. 

Go Fordham Wosoc!



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