Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: I Will No Longer Skip Hangouts to Play Video Games

Michael, 18, Duxbury, Massachusetts 

As a high school senior, the coronavirus pandemic made me angry at how many things I will be missing or potentially missing in these next months such as  prom, graduation, and final memories with my friends and girlfriend before I go off to college. Everyone always talks about spring and summer as a senior, I remember them saying it contained some of their most fond memories with some friends they won't be able to see again. Nearly two months into this quarantine I have learned to not be angry about my position but be grateful when I am free and able to spend time with my friends. I will cherish each moment with them because I learned that I may not know when the last time I will be able to see them. I think this understanding has spread to other members of my generation.

I live in a family of six. Including 2 college students. It gets hectic in our house but we have learned to give each other enough privacy that we can so each of us can live our lives in peace. I spend my time doing online school work, sleeping and working out with the little equipment I own and going to the beach for simply alone time from my frustrating family.  Although I do miss regular life I do find myself being very productive with my time and taking advantage of this time I have by myself. I have been focusing on getting healthier and with this extra sleep workout and care for my health I have felt more energized and have been able to focus on hygiene skincare and other small things. If the world can stay at home to prevent the spread of a virus.  I also hope this will give us a greater appreciation of the smaller things in life. I know for a fact that once I am able to be with my friends again I will not take them for granted. I will not skip hangouts if I am tired or want to play video games indoors. This pandemic has made me realize how wonderful of a life I have and I will do my best to take advantage of this special time.

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