Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Sustainability Now Matters

By Palak, 18, Naperville, Illinois

As a current freshman, I am very much busy with exams right now and finishing up my freshman year. I am interested in coding and programming, so I have been taking courses that are being offered by Harvard for free along with some Blockchain courses on Coursera.

I feel like 2020 as a whole has been very unfortunate. Nothing seems to be going anyone’s way. I am tired of staying at home and it is now that I am really starting to miss the fun of going outside and being able to hang out with people. I miss my friends at college and now, I am really starting to wonder if my fall semester will even happen in person and I am going to miss all of them even more if it isn’t. I am also concerned for my future to a certain extent, but I do realize now that after this whole situation, society is going to reformat itself in a way where we can avoid something like this again.

On top of that businesses will also change especially after how much companies have been suffering in light of this pandemic. I really think the generation z as a whole will gain a new perspective on things as a result of this. We will begin to appreciate the world more and start caring for it because this pandemic is a prime example of what nature can do if you get it mad. This will definitely change a lot of people’s perspectives on how to treat the environment and how harmful we actually are to it.

In fact, there was even a report that in China, after the lockdown in multiple areas, the air became clearer and there were less toxins present simply because of less human activity and that just goes to show how bad we are treating our home. I feel like so many people in the generation z will use this time to come up with solutions about how to make our world a better place. In the world of business, sustainability will become a huge factor in the success and regulation of businesses. The way a business treats the environment will play a huge role in whether venture capital firms will invest in them. It will all be about making our world a better place. If this pandemic is going to do something, it’s going to bring us all together for a common cause for sure.

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