Gen Z, The Corona Diaries: Unfortunate Paranoia

By Alex, 20, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Besides ruining the rest of my school year (and possibly summer), quarantine has given me way too much time for myself. I have spent a vast majority of my time playing more video games than I really should be, but also trying to force myself to do at home workouts to lead a more balanced indoor only life. I currently live at home with only my parents, and my mom and I decided to adopt a cat also during our quarantine. We have had her for almost two weeks now, and she is the absolute best companion to keep us entertained during these times.

Looking at the world as a whole, I never thought Covid-19 would get this bad. It’s the weirdest thing to see billions of people all sheltered in place at the same time. But I bet Mother Earth is enjoying this. (Especially today on Earth Day!) I am grateful for everyone working on the front lines to help those who are sick, and I hope everyone will stay inside so this can end sooner. It’s hard to see people protesting the shutdowns and not following social distancing, but I understand the struggle. People need jobs and people need to stay inside at the same time, and it’s very hard to watch on the news because I don’t know how long this will go on for.

However, after this is all over (at least for the most part) I think everyone will be more grateful for each other and the world around them. I think Gen Z as a whole will remember this for the rest of their lifetimes, because we probably won’t see anything like this as long as we are alive. I think for the next couple years there will be a lot of unfortunate paranoia when there are large public gatherings, which is something that is super weird to think about. I go to events with thousands of people every month, and now that could change for the next year or two. It is an unprecedented time where people everywhere will remember to be more careful about their health, and that is a very important thing. People will also be more grateful for everything around them, but for how long? I hope all of us Gen Z’ers will remember this as a learning point in their lives to be more careful and cherish everyone and everything in their lives.

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