Get Z, The Corona Diaries: Working From Home- The New Norm

By Saahil, 19, Maple Grove, Minnesota 

As a college student who is now taking online classes, a majority of my time in quarantine is being spent finishing up my classes as finals are starting to roll around the corner. Although school does take up a majority of my time, there is no shortage of hours in the day, and being stuck at home has allowed me to play video games, watch Netflix and get to know some new friends who I had the pleasure of meeting towards the end of college. Similar to nearly everyone on the planet (I assume), I am not happy with the state of the world and what is going on currently, although I do feel very fortunate to have a place to live and food to eat.

I understand that there are people in the world who are in a much more difficult situation than I can even imagine so I feel that I don't really have the right to complain. In terms of the world, I feel as though it will be a while before people get back to the norm. I think many people will realize that their work can now be done from home, and the need to commute to work or even go in regularly will diminish. Companies like Amazon that thrive off of people being lazy and not going into stores will continue to grow as they are now.

I have also read articles about how pollution has gone down in large cities because of people not going out and using things that cause harm to the environment, and as a member of the generation who I believe cares about climate change and the environment, this is one positive that has been able to come out of this pandemic.

As for my future, I am still unsure how it will change, as of right now I am still not positive what I want to do although I am leaning towards consulting, which is a field that does require a lot of traveling which obviously is now not taking place as much. Like I mentioned earlier I feel as though a lot of careers will lean more and more towards working from home and I believe that this applies to consulting as well.

Being an extroverted person who enjoys working with people in person, I am disappointed in this though it would not be enough to sway the career path that I am thinking about.

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