Kickstart a Healthy Grooming Routine in 2019

While everyone is out there making resolutions that they probably won't keep after a couple weeks, why not vow to treat yourself, your skin, and your hair better this year. That's what we are all about here at 31st State, helping you start and hopefully stick with a grooming routine that is quick, easy, and most importantly better for you. 

If you've spent any time on our website, you know that our first stop in creating our products is nature as opposed to using harsh chemicals that you will find in most high street brands. What you might not know is the reasons that you need to avoid some of those nasty ingredients. 

A lot of grooming products out there contain endocrine disruptors (like phthalates, BPA, and pesticides) and these have horrible effects on your hormones and can cause issues with fertility and can cause cancer. These chemicals also contribute to weight gain- yikes!  

That's why 31st State is here to offer you something different, without the nasty ingredients. Something more natural, vegan, and with ingredients you can pronounce. 

So why not do something good for yourself this year. We promise a 31st State routine is an easy routine to keep, and may be the first New Years resolution you can actually keep! 

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