"My Dream Date"

By Henry, 17

It's summer in Seattle, two things that go together as well as Kanye and Kanye. The days are long. The sun heats up the lake for everyone to swim in during the day and the nightlife is lively, offering everyone a chance to go out to restaurants and visit local parks. It is the perfect time and place for my dream date.

But first, before I go out to eat or even pick my date up, I have to get ready. In the shower I use 31st State’s 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash for a time efficient and top notch clean. After I get out, I brush my teeth and use 31st State’s very own Style & Shape Hair Putty to keep my hair in place. After that I Roll-On some deodorant and I am ready to roll. 

I go to pick up my date in an older red convertible. It is a small car, short and skinny, perfect for driving in the city. I saw it once for sale on a block near my house and it is the perfect car for a date like this. It is still light out and the sun is starting to set but it is warm enough to keep the top off. When I get to my date's house, it fits right into a spot and I walk up to get her. She answers the door, we walk to the car, and we're off for the night.

I take the car down Mercer Street, all the way to the waterfront. There I find a parking spot and we walk up some stairs, through the Pike Place Market, all the way to the Seatown Diner. It's a fun restaurant, great food but casual, and it has an awesome view of the waterfront. During dinner I ordered both of us Shirley Temples (she loves them).

After dinner, we take a stroll in the market. We check out all the different stands, trying the fruit samples and admiring the art. I buy her some pink tulips from a flower stand and, of course, we go check out the world famous Gum Wall.

It's now dark and getting brisk; the time has come to go home. We walk back down across the the waterfront, which is lit up by the Great Wheel and the shops of the piers. I drive her back to her house, walk her up to the door, and we spend some time on her porch.

When I get home, I brush my teeth, clean my face with some Overnight Clearing Pads, and go to bed, having enjoyed my dream date.

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