By Asha, 21, Chicago, Illinois

Somewhere in our minds, there lives a judge. These judges watch our every move every day. They come to a judgment based on our actions and it determines our level of confidence and self-love.

Every day we use some form of social media, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc. And we all are guilty of comparing ourselves to peers, celebrities, models, which I am definitely guilty of. “Is the social media a problem or is this a ‘me’ problem?” I tend to ask myself. And the truth is, it’s a little bit of both. Some of the models and celebrities on social media have the ability to photoshop their photos, pay for different treatments, and make sure their cameras or even professional photographers get them at their best angle. However, when I get an intrusive thought about myself, I don’t tend to do anything about it, until now.

 How to self-love.

Here is a list of five things I do when I find myself having intrusive thoughts or comparing myself to others.

  1. Get out of your space. Half of our self-love issues stem from scrolling through social media. Getting out of your space and going on a walk or grabbing coffee can help with these intrusive thoughts.
  2. Make a meal or dessert you have been craving. There’s always this one recipe in the back of my mind that I keep wanting to make but never actually do. Whenever I am feeling down, I always love to cook for myself and enjoy the delicious meal I just cooked.
  3. Schedule time for a workout. Working out is something I carve out time for almost every day. It allows me to clear my mind, focus on myself and not only strengthen my body but my mind.
  4. Read a new book. In a way, reading takes me out of my own body and into an alternate universe. I always get absorbed into the book and it allows me to fill up my time with something other than social media.
  5. Journal. Journaling helps me put my thoughts down onto paper and into words. I then try to write down the root cause and then things I can do to make myself feel better.

The journey to self love can be tough, yet fulfilling. Hopefully after reading this you have tried some of my advice on how to get out of your head and into your own mind and body.

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