What to Pack for Ski Week

The week in February has finally arrived when quite a few of us are packing up and heading for the slopes, a highlight to get out of the classroom (or work) and get onto some fresh powder. 

You've got your Burton board and Dragon Alliance goggles packed, but whether you're boarding or skiing, it's an essential time to remember to take care of your skin. 

Just because you're in the fresh mountain air, your skin can still get congested, so make sure you cleanse daily with our Foaming Face Wash. It's packed with natural Magnesium, Copper and Zinc to not only prevent breakouts, but also restore your tired skin after a long day off-piste. 

Our award-winning Overnight Clearing Pads are the perfect product to chuck in your suitcase and the easiest way to remove any excess oil before you go to bed. 

If you struggle with zits, our Spot Control Gel is a must-bring, as just a dab will reduce redness and irritation, clear the spot, and prevent new ones from popping up. 

These three must-have products are available in our Skincare Essentials Set, so don't forget to pack yours along with all your gear. 

*Pictured, Sam Nicholls, 31st State Fan 

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