Find Out What Teen Boys Are Really Thinking

When your lovely, innocent, angel of a son enters his teenage years, you might think he’s been replaced by some kind of argumentative monster who tells his friends everything, and his parents nothing. As much as you might worry that this change is permanent,  luckily this isn’t the case. Somewhere beneath that mop of hair and scowling face is the same little boy who didn’t want you to let go of his hand in the park and loved stories at bedtime. Just don’t remind him of that now, and definitely not when his mates are around! That’s a recipe for disaster on an international scale!

The fact is, your boy’s growing up, and he’s going through a whole ton of changes that you’re going to have to get used to. But remember, he’s having to get used to them, too. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a handy guide on what teen boys are really thinking. It might just help you survive the next few years!

Independence vs. Dependence

It’s totally normal to feel your teen is pushing you away. That’s because they are. But - just like that good old break up line - it’s not you; it’s them.

Your son is starting to want independence and is figuring out how to make his own way in the world. He’s going to want to do more on his own and might start ditching your weekly movie night to go hang out with his mates. Or just be alone in his room. That’s pretty normal too.

When this happens, don’t pull back completely. Despite what they may say and how they may act, your teenage boy is after all still just a boy. They’re still going to need you, just maybe not as often as before.

Social Media Stress

A big change you’re going to notice is that your teen’s new best mate will be his phone. Seriously, get ready to see the back of that little device more than you see his actual face. For a lot of parents this is pretty terrifying, but don’t worry about it too much. It’s how teens communicate now and it’s just a part of their life.

What you should be aware of though is that, just like girls, your teen boy might become stressed by social media and might get in way past his depth. There’s a lot to live up to on these sites, and not getting the same amount of likes as their mates can be damaging to their self-worth. There are also issues with trolling and online bullying, so it’s worth keeping an open discussion with your teen so he knows he can come to you for advice and help. Make sure you’re there to support them – it’s easy to think it’s just girls who have these worries, but boys do as well.

Personal Appearance Priorities

Don’t be startled when your teenager comes out of their room rocking a pair of skinny jeans and asking for a crazy expensive pair of trainers – it might seem bizarre to you, but this again is totally normal. Boys of this age are starting to care about their appearance more. They’re expressing who they are, and probably trying to catch the attention of a girl (or two) at school too!

They’re also going to want to have a more mature hygiene routine to go along with their style. They might want to buy a cologne and other new products that are specifically for men. Help them out by buying them a few bits and pieces and win some serious parent points.

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